About us

Lovetrigger is a fair trade and fair-made clothing and lifestyle brand with a green heart. Lovetrigger wants to connect, looks for social identification. Encourage to combat overconsumption, to touch and include existing groups that are already working on this and to open their eyes to stimulate. Identification leads to commitment, the more people feel connected, feel an overlap, between themselves and Lovetrigger, the more loyal they become and the more they positively influence others. Lovetrigger garments carry a positive story, wearers of the clothing are ambassadors and ensure a positive contamination of their immediate environment. They can propagate and explain the Lovetrigger idea so that the positive story becomes bigger. Carriers and creators tell the Lovetrigger mission together!

Lovetrigger actively searches for the connection with and between the makers and wearers of her clothing.

Lovetrigger wants to inspire and activate people of all ages to wear its socially improving clothing for a more positive street scene!

In a world where creating and propagating identity through clothing for all ages is becoming increasingly important, Lovetrigger wants to be a leading brand that grows into a brand known for its positive design / image, social commitment and collaboration with sustainable companies .

Streetwear with LOVE as a connecting factor & the TRIGGER on positivity and optimism

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